The Challenge

The goal was to create a user-friendly tool to facilitate cross-selling efforts by the bank’s relationship managers and other front office personnel.

The Solution

Upon completion of a needs assessment, ARTÉMIA established a project team of designers, copywriters, project managers and strategic leads to support this initiative.

To that end, we evaluated existing information about various Wells Fargo business groups, then generated new content that addressed pre-qualification criteria, selling propositions, and contact information, among other subjects. Working in close cooperation with the bank’s client team, ARTÉMIA created an efficient, fun cross-sell reference guide targeted to audiences in the field–in print and online

The team developed a system incorporating color coding and tabulation to enhance readability and ease of use. With collection and analysis of data, multiple design directions as well as production and distribution, through ARTÉMIA’s strategic communications solutions, we were able to offer Wells Fargo an paralleled product.

The Results

The result was a refreshingly creative design that combined subtle humor with traditional Wells Fargo iconography.