The Challenge

CeloNova BioSciences, Inc. is a global medical device company. ARTÉMIA was retained to enhance CeloNova’s existing brand and market position within its target markets through updated strategic messaging, a more compelling online presence and active participation in the social media realm.

The Solution

ARTÉMIA first conducted a survey of key CeloNova stakeholders, including employees, management, distributors and even the doctors that use their products, regarding company messaging, perception of the pre-existing website and desired features of the new site. Utilizing the results of this survey, our web development team created a site which gave CeloNova a distinct brand identity, catered to multiple regions and markets, and clarified their product offerings. The straightforward navigation of the site was designed to efficiently and effectively serve both physicians and patients, the two main target audiences.

The Result

A website with intuitive navigation, multiple portals for different audiences, and information presented in a format that speaks to the authority of the CeloNova brand. Read more about how CeloNova felt about our work on the testimonial page.

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