The global healthcare world is facing a digital revolution which is completely redefining its ecosystem. Even before the terms mHealth, digital health and connected health became mainstream, ARTEMIA has been at the forefront assisting pioneer telemedicine and mobile health companies navigate the digital transformational path within the changing health care

Our primary focus is on B2B solutions that, while addressing divergent patient populations, are unified in their mission to improve the delivery of services, provide access where there was none or too little, and to empower as well medical experts in their decision-making process.

Our experience includes tele-health EMR, EHR and PHR, Employer-based/corporate healthcare, Mobile and home-based self-monitoring solutions, Diagnostic-quality telemedicine, Stem cell technology for wound care and bio-preservation.

In an innovative industry with such an accelerated pace of change, agility and flexibility are key agency attributes. With CEO Barbara Wichmann in place as strategic advisor, we allocate team members tailored to the unique demands of each client and their mHealth products, as comprehensive or limited as appropriate for the life cycle of your company. Whether you are planning your company launch or are getting ready for an IPO, ARTEMIA’s longstanding experience and detailed knowledge of the mHealth ecosystem will help shape the roadmap to your goals.