How to Leverage Digital Marketing in Fintech

Marketing is changing. This is especially true for the financial industry. Modern customers want to engage with brands on their own terms and by their chosen channels. According to Microsoft’s 2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report quoted in CMS...

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7 Fintech Startups to Watch

We’ve focused heavily on fintech startups the past week and a half. After covering trends and regulations, it’s only natural to share some of the fintech startups making their mark on the sector. With headwinds possibly building against continued growth in the...

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Fintech Regulation Trends in the US and UK

Regulators and fintech companies are in a consistent balancing act with each other.  While fintech companies do not fundamentally mean to push back against lawmakers, many innovative companies bring tools, services, and ideas to the industry (and world) that disrupt...

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Fintech Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Fintech is an exciting and ever-evolving industry. Covering a wide variety of banking and insurance processes, more and more startups continue to deliver software to improve and disintermediate payments, investments, financing, risk management, big data and...

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4 Innovative and Disruptive Fintech Startups

Financial technology first made its appearance in the 1950s through the introduction of credit cards, which eliminated the need for individuals to carry cash. Ten years later, ATMs disrupted the traditional model of withdrawing cash through bank tellers. Fast-forward...

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