At ARTÉMIA, we focus on clients who consider sustainability to be an integral part of their business strategy and who aim to provide sustainable solutions for the world.

Our emphasis on cleantech combines our strength in the technology sector with our expertise in environmental sustainability and renewable energy. We have extensive experience working with large corporations and privately held businesses as well as international government agencies and NGOs in the following areas:

  • Utilities/smart grid

  • Renewable energy and alternative fuels

  • Water

  • Energy efficiency

  • Green building and sustainable urban planning

  • Waste reduction and recycling

  • Green transportation

  • Sustainable investment

In the rapidly expanding field of cleantech, market mindshare can be as important as solid product and service offerings. Whether you are a market leader or an emerging technology firm, as an ISO 14001 certified business and a pioneering sustainability-focused company, ARTÉMIA understands the impact of environmental sustainability on business strategy. We can help align these dual goals and develop the long-term solutions crucial to your company’s success.