Thanksgiving Trends UK & US

As the US gears up to join family and friends and gather round tables around the country to celebrate another Thanksgiving, across the pond in the UK, this most American of holidays is beginning to gain traction. Over the past … read more

The Evolution of Crowdfunding

Over the last few years, the term “crowdfunding” has firmly entrenched itself in the modern lexicon. A quick check around the ARTÉMIA office reveals all of us have – at least once – contributed to a crowdfunding campaign, from charity … read more

3 Steps for Managing Negative PR

“All publicity is good publicity,” someone way before the advent of social media once said. But when irate Facebook posts can be shared, and angry Tweets retweeted by thousands in a matter of moments, that paradigm no longer stands. (For … read more

Trend Watch: Video Advertising

Has video become part of your advertising repertoire yet? If not, 2016 might be the year for that to change. You may have noticed an increase in video on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and on websites in … read more
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