While Twitter has faced the heat from competing social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, it remains to be a powerful force in our online communities. Though it may not seem as such, Twitter is largely used by politicians, celebrities, large companies, and change makers around the globe. In just 140 characters a brand or figure is challenged to create a clear, concise message that will lure their audience in. It’s easy to get lost on Twitter amidst the noise of millions of people that use it primarily for complaints and personal opinions, but there is a very professional side to Twitter if look closely and selectively. If used with a purpose, Twitter can be an outlet for inspiration and collaboration for your business or brand.

If you’re ready to take the step and make Twitter part of your company’s marketing strategy, check out these helpful tips:

  • Be true to your brand. Stay on point and convey messages that effectively share your company’s mission. On Twitter it’s easy to get caught up in unprofessional banter, but keep your tweets appropriate and clear.
  • Do your research. Be aware of current trends and hashtags. On Twitter something new is trending every day and for your business to stay relevant you should adhere to that. Pay attention to what everyone else is talking about and utilize that to your advantage.
  • Contribute. It’s important to give your company/brand a voice and stick to it. Stand up for your company’s values and share your thoughts with the world (in a non-offensive, appropriate manner).
  • Follow the publications that you frequent, or branch out and search a hashtag that is relevant to your business or mission. From there you can be led into an entirely new landscape. Follow people back who follow you if they are relevant to your brand. This will help your company form an online community and people will be more inclined to care if you show that you do. Twitter is a place for conversation, so use it as such. Be active with your followers and make them feel part of the team.

If you company would like more information on how to effectively use Twitter to your advantage, please reach out.

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