The challenge

ARTÉMIA Communications was retained by Cotendo, a Silicon Valley technology start-up, to host an “exit” party to celebrate the company’s successful acquisition by Akamai. The event focused on acknowledging the many challenges the Cotendo team had overcome the previous four years with a truly unique, company-branded reception and dinner party.

The solution

Our event planning team managed all aspects of this event, from sourcing a dynamic venue in San Francisco that met all of our client’s unique requirements to the evening’s glamorous entertainment – including a Cotendo ice sculpture, tango and belly dancers as well as comedians. ARTÉMIA was also in charge of the décor and provided custom screen printed items throughout the venue to create the desired ambiance for an unforgettable evening.

ARTÉMIA’s team provided comprehensive on-site logistics support on the day of the event, ensuring that the presentations and the various entertainment elements flowed smoothly and within the agreed time frames.

The result

The event was extremely well-received. According to many testimonials, it was a wonderful way for all employees to reflect on their time at Cotendo and remember their many contributions to the company’s success. It was a privilege for our team to support Cotendo in creating such a memorable farewell.

Event Photos