In this episode, we speak with our special guest, Ian Lucey, about Ireland’s status as Europe’s leading hub for technology innovation. Ian discusses the current climate for Ireland’s tech businesses as well as regulations for global startups, specifically as it applies to FinTech.

About our Guest: Ian Lucey

Ian Lucey, Founder of the Lucey Fund

Ian is the founder of the Lucey Fund, a Venture Technology firm that build, sell and finance products for early-stage startups. The Lucey Fund has offices in 6 countries including the USA, Ireland, UK & Spain. They have invested in over 115+ startups over the past 4.5 years. In 2016 alone the Lucey Fund invested in 50 new projects.

Previously Ian has been Sales Director with Relate Software, a Deloitte Fast50 company, board member of the Irish Internet Association and numerous startups, managed the Accountants Division in Sage Ireland and was Ireland’s youngest National Student Union officer. Ian has experience building and selling SaaS, ERP, Accounting, Time & Billing, CRM and Payments systems around the world.



Artemia CEO Barbara Wichmann - communications expert on sustainability and diversity

Barbara Wichmann, CEO ARTÉMIA Communications Inc

Barbara Wichmann, CEO and founder of ARTÉMIA Communications, Inc., an award-winning, global, full-service communications & digital marketing agency serving Fortune 100/500 companies in the utilities, technology, financial services and healthcare sectors as well as high-growth startups and international government agencies.

As an industry-leading communications expert she oversees the company’s strategic development and is instrumental in representing the agency’s interests in the area of innovation, service delivery and partnership development.

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