In this episode, we discuss the advantages and opportunities offered by implementing Educational Technology, or “EdTech”, into modern learning.

Our guests are Marika Kukkasniemi and Olli Vallo, CEO and Head of Education of Finland-based EdTech quality verification agency, Kokoa Agency. The Kokoa Education Standard is an EdTech quality verification system and analysis method based on an emphasis for 21st century skills and a Finnish understanding of efficient learning. EdTech industry stakeholders around the world trust Kokoa to ensure solutions are independently certified to high-level quality standards.

About our Guests: Marika Kukkasniemi & Olli Vallo

Marika Kukkasniemi, CEO      Kokoa Agency

Olli Vallo, Head of Education Kokoa Agency

Kokoa is a digital education company based in Helsinki, Finland that conducts educational quality evaluations of learning products. With world-renowned Finnish pedagogical expertise, the agency aims to ensure that the teachers and learners all around the world have the best possible tools for learning.

Marika Kukkasniemi is an education expert, educator, and co-founder of Kokoa Agency. Marika possesses a deep understanding of educational systems and pedagogy as well as ample experience in producing e-learning solutions. She has participated in large-scale education projects, coordinating authors and other professionals to create learning materials.

Olli Vallo is an educational technologist, educator, and co-founder of Kokoa Agency. Olli is one of the inventors of Kokoa Education Standard method which is used to investigate educational quality of learning products. Olli’s role as a co-founder includes marketing and service development efforts designed to make efficient learning happen.

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