In this episode, we delve into the minutiae of carbon footprint measuring, emerging trends in sustainability, and strategic sustainability planning and reporting for businesses. Our guest is Michael Thornton, CEO of Carbon Analytics, Co-Founder of Odyssey Sensors, and Board Member for Sherwood Institute.

Michael provides an overview of the current carbon footprint landscape as well as the long term outlook for the future. He also explores the many benefits that carbon footprint measuring offers not only to the environment, but to a business’ reputation and bottom line.

About our Guest: Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton
Founder & CEO Carbon Analytics
Co-Founder Odyssey Sensors

Michael Thornton is the Founder and CEO of Carbon Analytics, a London-based environmental data technology company.  A serial entrepreneur, sustainable infrastructure engineer and climate advocate, Michael has focused on using the power of business to solve global challenges.

He founded Carbon Analytics with the conviction that to solve sustainability the physical, biological and societal limits of our world must be integrated into our financial system.  By providing this sort of data automatically and affordably to businesses via integrated online tools, Carbon Analytics is working to bring about this outcome while lowering costs and improving competitiveness for their clients.

In addition to founding Carbon Analytics, Michael is a co-founder and board member of Odyssey Sensors, a UK based ag-tech company working to reduce resource consumption, increase yields and improve outcomes for small holder aquaculture and agriculture farmers.

Michael attended Oxford University as a Skoll Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship to complete his MBA in 2013 and graduated from Duke University as a dual Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Sciences / Policy major in 2005.


Artemia CEO Barbara Wichmann - communications expert on sustainability and diversity

Barbara Wichmann, CEO ARTÉMIA Communications Inc

Barbara Wichmann, CEO and founder of ARTÉMIA Communications, Inc., an award-winning, global, full-service communications & digital marketing agency serving Fortune 100/500 companies in the utilities, technology, financial services and healthcare sectors as well as high-growth startups and international government agencies. As an industry-leading communications expert she oversees the company’s strategic development and is instrumental in representing the agency’s interests in the area of innovation, service delivery and partnership development.

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