No matter what you are thinking about for the promotion and advertising of your next new product or service, you should definitely consider an integrated marketing campaign. Encompassing many different points of contact with customers, this multichannel method of communication can benefit more than you might think. A recent survey conducted by Forrester highlighted the benefits of integrated marketing communications, which were shown to improve marketing-attributed revenues by up to 40 percent while increasing ROI by 60 percent.

Vicks – the Proctor & Gamble brand that manufactures NyQuil, DayQuil and VapoRub among other popular products – recently came out with an integrated marketing campaign to educate and engage customers, as well as drive sales for a high-end, quick-reading thermometer. By employing diverse communication channels and creating multiple points of contact with the target audience (in this case Moms), the company increased customer awareness and drove sales of the product. Using online banner ads,  smartly placed QR codes, well-designed packaging, informative videos and geo-targeted mobile components (that not only alerted the audience to high local flu levels but even provided a list of nearby points of sale for Vicks products!), the 360 degree marketing campaign was highly effective in helping the brand reach its objectives.

With an increasing number of communication channels available to marketers, customers are being bombarded with more branding and messaging than ever. Therefore, identifying the right targets and the best ways to reach them with the highest level of precision is absolutely critical. As an expert in the traditional media environment and a master of the constantly evolving digital tools, ARTEMIA Communications can help you develop and optimize result-driven multichannel campaigns to boost your ROI and help you stand out from the crowd.


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