Technology for our cars gets better every day. From Tesla developing high-end electric cars to device manufacturers working to integrate vehicles with the cloud to Google building automobiles that drive themselves, we are in an age of great change within the personal vehicle industry.

To help continue that change and technology integration, some app developers are working on ways to help make your ride even more futuristic.

The applications development company Hudway has recently come out with an app that will allow you to view upcoming turns and driving directions right on your windshield. It works by reflecting light from your smartphone display off the glass and to your eye, allowing you to keep your vision facing forward and on the road with the many surprises that can spring up. Currently only working at night and in other low-light settings, the app still has a ways to go before it becomes must own technology. Some way to mount your smartphone to your dashboard may be a good idea as well.

HeadsUP!, an app from tech startup NeXt, also gives you a smartphone-based windshield display, though this one is much more focused on your mobile devices capabilities than your driving directions. HeadsUP! provides visual access to texting, calls, email and more without forcing your eyes dangerously down to your device and off the road. Voice-activation is used to ensure your hands are used for driving as well. By keeping you connected without sacrificing safety, NeXt may be on to something even if it takes a while to become truly useful.

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