ARTÉMIA is recognized as a Green Business
of San Francisco


By attaining ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certifications last year, ARTÉMIA Communications joined organizations across the globe that are committed to continual improvement of business processes, measurable quality control, and the highest level of client/customer service, setting the tone for this year’s green initiative and adding a local component to the company’s global sustainability efforts. ARTÉMIA has pledged to help build a more sustainable future by committing to: reduce its carbon footprint, purchase sustainably produced and sourced products, and reduce and recycle as much waste as possible among other green initiatives.

ARTÉMIA primarily sought these certifications as a commitment to better serve its clients and the community it operates in. The company’s goals of providing high quality work on time and within budget are entirely compatible with-and enhanced by- the San Francisco Green Business Program’s practices. These shared values provide a strong foundation upon which fruitful, trusting business relationships can be built.

“After registering for these international quality standards, we really wanted to engage on a local level as well,” said Barbara Wichmann, CEO of ARTÉMIA Communications. “Since we are headquartered in San Francisco and many of our team members live here with their loved ones, this is an important way for us to prove our commitment to a sustainable future for everyone. This recognition represents our continued efforts to reduce our environmental impact top-to-bottom and clearly demonstrates that at ARTÉMIA, we practice what we preach.”