At ARTÉMIA we have worked closely with technology companies ever since the dot-com era, serving as an extension of the originals teams and working side-by-side with the founders. While digital marketing technology has advanced dramatically, there are fundamental truths that apply to all platforms that focus on market entry and penetration. Our training in TL 9000 and ISO standards in combination with our extensive experience ensures our communications and marketing campaigns generate measurable traction in our clients’ target markets.

With that in mind, we consistently research new tools, partner with innovative providers, and implement the most efficient, high-tech marketing tools around to ensure our impactful marketing campaigns reach our clients’ target audiences, while also gathering the most accurate data to measure the effectiveness of the messaging.


Digital Marketing Tools

The past ten years have seen a tremendous shift in marketing towards digital specifically. Numerous marketing automation platforms have been developed, and ultimately acquired by the tech giants. According to Marketing Automation Insider, “between the years 2010 and 2014, there was over $5.5 billion worth of acquisition made in the marketing automation industry.”



A few years ago the available digital marketing solutions were too complex and costly to be attractive to most small businesses – though this is changing rapidly. Even sole proprietors are able to leverage digital marketing tools in efficient ways.

Unfortunately, we’ve simultaneously noticed an increased focus on implementing software without proper content foundations.

As a professional communicator and content creator, I do feel the need to highlight the importance of compelling content in this context. No matter how advanced your marketing software system is, should your messaging and overall content fail to connect with your target audience, your ROI will suffer. Even the most advanced tracking systems measure “zero” the same. Nonetheless, under the right direction, marketing automation software represents a great tool that allows you to benchmark and improve your marketing efforts. As the Curata forum stated recently, “Content is the fundamental currency for marketing automation.” I couldn’t agree more.

Cross Device

You may have already seen it, or even used it, without realizing it: “cross device” is a relatively new term but certainly easy to understand. The integration of multiple devices across one or many digital platforms gives marketers a lot of potential to track users and customers. Cross-device marketing campaigns offer really tremendous returns, should you properly leverage your strategy: more accurate and saturated data, less static between you and your audience, and improved direct interaction. Developing and implementing a strategic marketing campaign for your mobile app or digital product will be a key element in reaching your prospects and customers.

Another way of looking at it is to compare the trend to the rise of the mobile-friendly (i.e. responsive) website. Several years ago, mobile-friendly sites were a new thing; now it is a requirement. According to eMarketer, digital marketing spending will outweigh television marketing spending by 37% this year. While that’s important in the B2C space, it is even more relevant for B2B, as marketers  tend to work with more modest budgets than in the consumer space.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Last year Wired published an article stating that “the age of robot writer is upon us.” While there is not currently digital marketing software that integrates positioning, content creation and implementation, we will soon begin to see technologies that lead that direction.

For example at the 2017 Gartner Symposium, David Cearley stated, “Artificial intelligence is going to be the next battleground through 2020.” And according to the report, “Applied AI and advanced machine learning give rise to a range of intelligent implementations…these implementations will be delivered as a new class of obviously intelligent apps and things, and provide embedded intelligence for a wide range of mesh devices, and existing software and service solutions.”

Imagine intelligent marketing software or marketing apps that can provide you with live updates, positioning recommendations, and accurate appraisals for campaign success. I admit it is futuristic, but it is coming. AI presents unprecedented marketing potential.


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