Since 1995, ARTÉMIA has partnered with Fortune 100/500 companies in technology, healthcare, energy and finance to craft and execute personalized strategic communications initiatives.

We have the wisdom and insight borne of experience to navigate highly complex and regulated sectors with our collaborative approach. We create award-winning compelling brand narratives powered by laser-sharp strategic thinking.

We help you meet your objectives through a client-focused approach that combines tactical insight, time-proven processes and precise metrics to deliver high quality services with measurable results.


Measurable Results

To enhance our value to you, our corporate partners, we implement and maintain certification for the ISO 9000 Quality Management System. This ISO standard enables us to evaluate our performance against internationally-accepted benchmarks and reaffirm our commitment to the highest quality service delivery, on time and within allocated budgets.


Strength in Diversity

We are proud of our agency’s longstanding commitment to diversity, and welcome the opportunity to help you initiate and/or strengthen your own programs. As a woman-owned agency that began on an international platform, we firmly believe in cross-cultural communication and the benefits of a global perspective. For further information please read about our Diversity and Inclusion Outreach.


Your Sustainability Goals are Our Sustainability Goals

In December 2012, we reconfirmed our decade-long commitment to sustainability when we became a registered San Francisco Green Business to go along with our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification received in December 2011. Beyond adopting procedures to limit the waste we create and reducing our environmental footprint, ARTÉMIA has brought together many national and international government agencies and corporate representatives to address and collaborate on sustainability issues.