Clean Energy Investment Continues Growth

Despite a number of recent high-profile solar company failures, like Solyndra and Evergreen Solar, renewable energy investment remains popular. So popular, in fact, that global clean energy investment has now exceeded $1 trillion. Such a large influx of cash not only...

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Social Media: Imperfect but Indispensable

So your company has finally set up a Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn account … now what? Merely having a presence on these valuable outreach and feedback sites is not enough. Knowing what to do – and what not to – is essential to mounting a successful social media...

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Smart Grids Continue to Evolve

Until fairly recently, most smart grid coverage has revolved around smart meter usage at home and in the workplace. While they are a major component of measuring and monitoring electric grids around the world, today’s utility companies now must look to build on the...

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Health Information Exchanges on the Rise

Hospitals, HMOs, and independent doctors’ offices have long kept arduous records of their patient’s visits and treatments. Unfortunately, sharing that information has traditionally been a long, painstaking process involving a good deal of manual labor. A new trend is...

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Navigate the Stormy Social Sea with a Clear Map

While social media may be the new standard for the modern market, merely having a social presence isn’t enough to reap rewards. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter broaden potential communication with customers, clients, and stakeholders, having an effective...

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