Navigate the Stormy Social Sea with a Clear Map

While social media may be the new standard for the modern market, merely having a social presence isn’t enough to reap rewards. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter broaden potential communication with customers, clients, and stakeholders, having an effective...

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Gaming for Hope

Video games have long provided a way to escape the real world and enter into imaginary ones. Now researchers are discovering that they can work in the other direction, too, by helping some patients who have been removed from normal life due to illness, make their way...

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Gaming for Health

‘Healthy’ isn’t an adjective usually associated with video games. Indeed, fitness and nutrition crusaders have long considered them to be the opposite, arguing that they encourage a dangerously sedentary life. But with new products moving video games into decidedly...

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The Future of Electronic Payments

With dizzying speed, cell phones have taken over tasks that might have seemed impossible just a few years ago. We now turn to them for email, web browsing, photography, gaming, and even to act as TV remotes. And soon enough they may be replacing credit and debit...

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Energy Efficiency Keeps Step with Computing Power

Moore’s Law – the famous observation by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that computer processing power doubles every eighteen months – has an exciting new corollary: Researchers have recently discovered that the energy efficiency of computers doubles in the exact same...

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New Technology Promises Cleaner Nuclear Energy

There’s a milder, less menacing side to nuclear energy that most people don’t know about: thorium. Discovered in 1828 by a Swedish chemist – and named for Thor, the Norse god of thunder – thorium is a plentiful, slightly radioactive element that scientists think may...

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