Artificial Intelligence Trends in Modern Healthcare

Dr. Bertalan Mesko, writing at The Medical Futurist, proclaims that artificial intelligence “will revolutionize every area of our life…it will redesign healthcare completely – and for the better.” As we are seeing in our own day to day interactions with our MedTech...

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UX Design: Contemporary Trends and Tips

UX design has more impact on businesses' success than ever before. While crafting compelling messaging is crucial, storytelling is only half the battle of effective campaigning in today’s marketplace. In fact, brands' first impressions are 94% design-related. In this...

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The Golden State Warriors: 6 Keys to Success

There is no team like the Golden State Warriors, and no fan base quite like the #DubNation. If this year’s parade is any indication, the Warriors hype is here to stay. Hundreds of thousands of fans celebrated in...

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Mobile App Marketing for Early-Stage Startups

Building the next “big hit” app is quite the worthy goal, particularly here in San Francisco. While many app-based companies have hit the “jackpot” by offering unique solutions to niche problems, it’s safe to say that success rates are relatively low in today’s app...

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Top 4 AI and Machine Learning Trends

To say that machine learning and AI developments are trending would be an understatement. Just last week the AI AlphaGo, developed by Google DeepMind, defeated the world’s champion Go player Ke Jie -a feat that experts still believed to be decades away until last year...

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