Green Quietly Going Mainstream

You no doubt saw the Groupon / Solar City promotion, which has been all over the press this week. For just one dollar, customers can receive free solar panel installation and a $400 discount on home solar power. In monetary terms, that sounds like a pretty compelling...

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3 Ways the Sharing Economy is Getting Creative

This week saw the “Share: Catalyzing on the sharing economy” conference being held in San Francisco. It strikes me as appropriate that San Francisco should host the conference as this city seems to have produced more than its fair share of share-economy businesses....

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Spotting Technology Trends with Kickstarter

At the beginning of this year I spent some time re-familiarizing myself with the machinations of for a new project I was working on. Since then, I check back in every so often to see which Kickstarter campaigns are gaining real traction, partly because...

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Putting Small Business Sustainability into Action

Last week I ended my blog with a commitment made by the ARTÉMIA staff to take action and recycle our redundant phones and laptops as our small way of helping support a circular economy - i.e. putting value back into the system rather than there being a linear hard...

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