Want to Join the ARTEMIA Team? We’re Hiring!

ARTÉMIA is an industry leader in the integrated, strategic communications market with an impressive history of firsts in its field. Our employees are a diverse group who create innovative solutions that change the way businesses communicate and perform. We encourage success among our employees and provide commensurate rewards.

We help our employees to forge unique and meaningful career paths. We ensure that, as experienced professionals, they have the opportunities and resources to excel no matter where they are in their careers. We’re also committed to helping our employees create a fulfilling balance between their personal lives and career aspirations.

For further information about career opportunities, please send inquiries to and a representative will contact you shortly.

Current Openings

Multi-media design specialist

Please send your resume and portfolio to

ARTÉMIA is accepting new interns or trainees with a minimum six month commitment.
Please submit your request to at least 3 months prior to your potential start date.