It’s back to school season. And in addition to new clothes, backpacks, and school supplies there’s a variety of new apps aimed at making the life of a parent easier. With time management tools, planners, and chore charts apps, getting you and your kids ready for the new school year should be a little easier.

Backed by studies from Common Sense Media, NPR asserts that “most American children spend more time consuming electronic media than they do in school.” Most parents probably don’t need a study to know this is true. In an effort to make the apps work with you and utilize the tools available to parents we have featured the following new apps.


KazuTime is a mobile application created by professional educators and therapists to help increase the focus and concentration needed for optimum learning in children. By showing time elapsing through visual, auditory, tactile and cognitive cues, children are better able to understand and come to terms with the concept of time.

Kazu, an adorable Husky puppy, serves as the app’s main character who, along with his friends Milly, Sammy and Faby, accompanies the children for the duration of their tasks. The app allows children to better anticipate the end of a task, reducing anxiety associated with having to complete sometimes difficult tasks in a given timeframe. Recognizing the conclusion of an activity helps kids regulate their behavior and reduce negative reactions.

KazuTime is a product of Broad Innovation Tek, Inc. a company focused on developing intelligent and intuitive mobile applications that relate to the fields of health, education and productivity.


This is a modern day chore chart that integrates gameplay into chores. Parents and children have separate logins. The parent sets chores and each chore has associated point values. The more chores completed, the more points are received. The points can be exchanged for rewards decided by the parents including ice cream, an hour of videogames, or anything in between. Choremonster help children develop organizational skills and independence.


Meegenius gives kid access to hundreds of read-along e-book. Read just one story or many. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt offers over 700 interactive eBooks for kids ages 2-8. Developers say the “goal was to offer a quality mobile experience for young readers and their families”. The app offers audio options in addition to reader interaction.

Should you have any apps we should add to this list or any questions about education apps, as ever, please get in touch.

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