Learn how you can maximize your email marketing strategy!

In the age of social media, email marketing remains an effective way to achieve results.  Social media may provide a great way to connect with your customer base, but email marketing goes further – it’s 40% more effective at acquiring new customers and six times more likely to lead to click-throughs. Email marketing should be a key part of any marketing strategy.

Here are our top 5 tips for creating an engaging and relevant email marketing plan.


Treat your subscribers like the VIPs they are!  Offering such benefits as discounts, loyalty programs, and exclusive access programs can lead to higher engagement rates. Most email subscribers will be existing customers and, according to Marketing Metrics, 60-70% of these will probably be repeat buyers.  Such brands as Uber and Birchbox use incentive programs to create engagement and keep their email subscribers interested. One brand, Misguided, used coupons and promos to target inactive clients. In this campaign, they reached out to their inactive list with coupon incentives and messaging that told their customers how much they were missed. This campaign gave customers a reason to shop while also showing them that they were valued. Benefits and incentives are a great way to keep your click-through rates high and your customers content.

2. Motivate with Mobile

Did you know that over 53% of emails are opened in mobile? Email templates that aren’t adapted to mobile could lose you the chance to connect with more than half of your buyers. While mobile open rates are higher, most large purchases take place through desktop opens. One way to appeal to mobile users is to create short emails with an immediate call to action. Bonobos does is extremely successful at this. Many of their email campaigns use catchy copy about their products, along with immediate options to buy. This means less scroll time and fewer clicks for the customer. By streamlining the buying process between email and checkout, you can generate more sales via mobile phone.

3. Personalize the Plan

Almost 75% of marketers say that targeted personalization increases engagement. These e-mails may seem time consuming to create, but there are many tools available to streamline this process. Emails with such subject lines like “your favorites are on sale” or “you left something in the cart” can lead to higher engagement rates and click-throughs with little added effort. The Skimm and Warby Parker are two companies that have chosen personalized messaging to create a stronger connection with their customers. The Skimm personalizes their messaging through anniversary messages when subscribers have been with them for a certain amount of time. At this point the company invites their loyal subscribers to join its ambassador program. In this way, it builds on its connections with loyal subscribers.

4. Get to Know Each Other

Emails are an amazing source of data, don’t let them go to waste! Data collected through email analytics allows you to expand customer profiles and adapt them to a larger business plan. Analytics can shows products customers respond to and what messaging works. This valuable information can be adapted for future marketing promotions. It can also inform other marketing outlets, such as billboards and social media. In a recent example, Amazon Local launched an email campaign that included a short survey. They explained to their customers that filling it out would help Amazon to understand their preferences and create customized material. The campaign was a success, demonstrating the effective use of targeted and personalized messaging.

5. Slide into Social

Social media marketing provides a direct line of communication between you and your customers. By linking your social media accounts within your emails you provide your customers with immediate access. They can click through for updates and reach out to you directly with any questions or concerns. Social media provides a link to the larger story. It helps customers to see more products and better understand your brand.

Email marketing remains relevant to our world today.  A strong email marketing plan is an excellent way to set your company on the path to success.

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