The time has finally arrived. Your company has created a new product and is gearing up to go public. By this time, you’ve completed market research to validate your idea, identify the competition, set pricing, defined your target customer and checked off every other little box.  You’ve built a core team and have designated spokespeople available to showcase and speak to reporters.

Before setting a launch date, however, it’s important to have a public relations plan in place. The PR process will likely consume more time than you’d expect. We suggest dedicating 6-8 weeks before launch to execute a media strategy and outreach.

We’ve put together the following PR tips for a strong company launch to incorporate into your planning:


1. Embargo the information

Before disclosing full details in advance of your announcement, ask interested reporters to agree to an embargo of the information. This simple request reduces the chance of information leaking before the launch date.

2. Start media outreach early and follow up

Reporters get hundreds of emails a day and often work on many stories simultaneously. Reporters often appreciate having more than one week to conduct interviews, research and write the piece. Take into account holidays and scheduled vacation days that may interfere with your launch timeline.

Package your pitch with just enough information so that reporters get the gist of your news and why it’s newsworthy. The reporter will contact you for more information if interested in moving forward. It’s appropriate to follow up by email or phone a day or two after sending the first pitch, but avoid overwhelming the reporter with communication.

3. Offer a demo

Offer select reporters an opportunity to try the product for free before it is available to the public, if possible. This is a common tactic used to gain interest from reporters who may be skeptical about how the product works (especially if the company is new or unknown). It also allows the reporter to write a story based on first hand experience.

4. Offer an exclusive

Choose one journalist, blogger, or editor who would have the most influence on your target demographic and offer him or her an exclusive opportunity. The opportunity could be to break the news before any other outlet, for example.

5. Prime social media

Don’t wait until the launch date to start building a social media presence. Begin following and engaging on social media without disclosing full announcement details. Promote your announcement by letting the community know that an announcement is “coming soon.”


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