A successful content marketer at any business knows that content cannot solely focus on the company, its products and the corresponding benefits. Quality content should add benefit to those whom you engage with it, and the trick here is relevancy. Follow these tips to create an improved content marketing plan for 2018 that will engage your customers in ways that will drive sales.

To accurately discover detailed data about your audiences, start by collecting qualitative data from both outside and inside your company. Most companies are already soliciting feedback from customers, but many companies do not also turn internally when gathering data.

  • Interview customer service reps to discover exactly the questions, concerns and preferences that your customers have.
  • Interview sales reps to learn more about what customers are looking for and what makes them make a buying decision.
  • Interview a group of customers who have recently purchased to get a better understanding of their buying experience. To take it a step further, try to interview prospects who did not purchase as well.

Of course, you’ll want to analyze quantitative data such as website, email and CRM analytics as well as social media insights to determine your users’ engagement and preferences. Once you have a core understanding of your business from the inside out, your content roadmap will become much more clearly defined.

Think Beyond the Blog
Media consumption has changed drastically in recent years, and creating a multi-media approach is your best bet for success in the New Year. If you haven’t yet done so, begin creating rich media such as live video, podcasts, infographics, webinars, eBooks, slide share presentations, Facebook groups, and other interactive media. These platforms will help you reach broader audiences and capture new market share.

Video is Today’s Content Leader
Video accounts for one-third of total online activity. If your content marketing program doesn’t yet include video, it’s time for lights – camera – action.

Videos generally net far more views, engagement, and shares as compared to blog posts or email. Video is also very analytics-friendly. Oftentimes, you can track retention and engagement more closely than you can with written content, thus providing vital insights into how you can better refine your messaging and content.

Get Your Users Invloved
Your customers are your most trusted brand ambassadors, so consider inviting them to create content! User-generated content (UGC) is the ultimate form of social proof. UGC is free (or nearly free) for your brand; it is an effective way to create a community and can take the form of nearly any type of media. In 2018, get your customers involved!

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